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  1. Not sure what these are, some the size up to about a quarter, water is clear otherwise, bit of scum like line around water line. How to get rid of it?? Thanks!
  2. Is this supposed to be connected? Thanks.
  3. I see. Thank you! What about the other one on the right side that looks like it should be screwed into something?
  4. Oops, plug left inside emptied tub for a few days... but didn't realize it was sitting in small layer of water at bottom . We tried drying out plug with hairdryer, tub still just turns on for a minute then right off, not even sure if this is why. But definitely, the side with light shows condensation in the clear area. Call in for service? Wait longer for it to dry? Or replace plug? Thanks ,from Newbie Dummies.
  5. thanks! fingers crossed that’s the reason why power isn’t working anymore.
  6. Someone put the cord inside the tub for transport with a bit of water at the bottom. Now tub power is on for a second then nothing. Best way to dry it out? I took off 4 screws but how about the other part with light and test buttons
  7. We bought a used Spa berry 120V 2 person spa. Saw it working at the previous owners place. Move it to ours. Unfortunately in the few days that it took to move it off our truck, looks like the cord was sitting inside tub, and immersed in the small amount of water in bottom. didn’t plug in for a few days. then tried, got a light on plug and unit, then turned off seconds later. a few days later, same. brief power the maybe PF? message on tub, then nothing. Outlet fine. Did we break it??? Thanks!
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