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  1. Sorry for the wait on an update, I finally got the wet kit in, as well as the heater turn around kit. Waiting for it to fill then will be monitoring it over the next few days. I am worried that the other end of the heater may have cracked as well, I had it full for awhile to see where the leaks would form, and I did not notice anything leaking around pipes. Maybe I got lucky, just have to wait and see.
  2. Just a little update, I found a crack in the heater turn around. I ordered the repair kit, still waiting on the pump face before I tear it apart. I have filled it a few times to see if I can identify any other leaks and so far those seem to be all that’s leaking. Crossing my fingers as that would be the best case scenario, I really don’t want to pull all the panels off and track down leaking pipes
  3. I was able to find the correct housing and ordered it, I’m located in North Dakota, so basically Canada 😂
  4. Thank you for the quick responses, CanadianSpaTech - no I did not happen to get this breaker, however the wiring on the home is still in place and I can easily stop by to see if it's still there or in the garage. What got me thinking it was salvageable was finding that the pump end was replaceable and would be fairly inexpensive to try it. I plan on ordering this, by passing the heater as you suggested and ill see how it does. ratchett- thanks for the info, i know he bought it used in 2012 for a pretty penny. I was told it was a higher end Hotspring, i did talk with my local dealer and they basically said it would be around $3000 for them to fix it with labor. I am going to order that pump face like CanadianSpaTech suggested and go from there.
  5. Hello all, I inherited a hot tub that use to belong to my uncle who passed away. After he passed no one checked on his hot tub and it happened to blow a breaker and froze. I filled it up to the level in the photos and it started to leak a bit, I only see it leaking on the pump face and maybe the heater, otherwise I didn’t see any leaks. Would this be worth fixing or am I better off just walking away from it?
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