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  1. Hi Elialita, I have this robotic pool cleaner from Zodiac and it's been really good and clean up my pool nicely. But I guess it comes down to a few factors to consider: budget, pool size and how frequent you using your pool.
  2. Hey guys, Thinking about converting my saltwater pool to a mineral pool and I am considering MagnaPool. Has anyone got it and how much is the upkeep cost per month?
  3. Hi guys, Just moved to a new place and it has a saltwater pool. The pool is using AstralPool ZX cartridge filter and I was wondering if I need to clean the filter frequently to maintain? If yes, what should I do? Cheers, Dave
  4. Hi experts, Just wondering if anyone tried this pool shock from Baracuda? Saw it at Bunnings (I am located in Australia!) and was thinking to get it to try for my pool. Cheers, David
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