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  1. Hey Folks, Hoping you can give me some advice/opinions. Brand new 19 x 36 Grecian, above ground pool. Liner was installed and next day there were large wrinkles about 4 ft. out from the steps at the shallow end. Installer returned (3 x) to correct the issue. As a result, when you stand at my steps looking to the deep end, on one side wall the seam is above the cove and on the adjacent side it is about 4 inches out from the cove on the floor. This is due to the fact that he took the wrinkles out to one side. I can't tell you how bad this bothers me simply because the liner was balanced before and now it looks kind of "wonky". This is a blue liner and the seams are almost white so very visible. Tell me I'm crazy or have a right to be upset.
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