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  1. I may just avoid the whole thing and do a rock/gravel pad, a smaller hot tub, and save a bunch of $$& in the process.
  2. Runoff from the deck would mostly go onto the ground…just the corner of the pad would touch the deck; the sides of the pad abut bare ground. but I see your point. So should I cut the deck so there is clearance between it and the pad?
  3. I want to put a 7x7 hot tub in corner of my yard, but have a problem: The 7x7 footprint will protrude about 6" onto the already-existing pool deck, which (obviously) is slightly sloped away from the pool. Do I need to cut out a part of that deck to accommodate the full square pad, or would it be okay to just make the pad level with the existing deck, with the one corner of it consisting of the existing deck? See photo.
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