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  1. From what I know the 30 amp breaker in question is only used for the heater. There is also a 20 amp breaker that is for everything else that has never tripped. I keep going to the breaker or relay board as a problem. No way to test the relay board except look for obvious damage like scorch marks etc. Only way to test the breaker to my knowledge is replace it.
  2. I checked the connections and re-tightened all connections. Of course the breaker reset properly but tripped sometime overnight. I checked the amp draw of the heater and it was pulling 24 amps. That's normal. What am I missing? Faulty breaker? Would think if the breaker was defective it would be somewhat more consistent. I'm at a loss.
  3. Have not yet checked the connections but last night we lost power for an hour and now the 30 amp won't reset. Telling me anything new? Breaker bad?
  4. I will recheck all the connections. Thanks for the input.
  5. A few months ago, we had a power problem at our house. Lost the neutral feeding the house. I discovered that the 30 amp 2-pole GFCI breaker that feeds the heater on my Tiger River was tripped. I replaced the breaker....it tested bad. Since then, the breaker will trip at random. I can go for weeks until it trips. No logic as to when or why. I put a clamp meter on the heater and it is pulling @ 27 amps. That's a good number. What am I missing as to why this happens at random?
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