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  1. Thanks! I think my “mode” button does t work because it just stays on SLP all the time. Nothing happens if I push mode.
  2. The basic settings are kind of what I need. I didn’t even realize I could change the filter cycle. I’ve slowly figured some stuff out from YouTube videos and Master Spas website, but this tub is probably at least 10 years old, so I wasn’t sure if I could just assume by the seat set up that the manual would be the same when I look at the models on their website now. I did finally get the right filters. The part number on the old ones kept coming up that it was no longer made, so finding something that would tell me the equivalent was a challenge but I got it finally. Here are some pics if anyone has general tips for me. Are these speakers on the outside or air vent holes? That’s how clueless I am…. Also, I pushed something and now “slp” keeps flashing on the screen. It just goes between flashing that and the temperature setting. And I don’t know what that means.
  3. I have NO CLUE about hot tubs. I bought a house and it had a hot tub in the yard. Seemed to be in good working order and clean. We were told the user manual would be left for us by the previous owners. Lo and behold, they are gone and the manual is too. They have no idea where it is. I’m having trouble learning about how to care for it and use it because I don’t even know the model. The little metal plate in the front outside is so worn there model/serial number can’t be read. I really want to figure out which one it is so I can download a user manual and make sure I’m getting proper replacement filters and such. I ordered filters, and thought they were the correct ones based on some measurements I took and now that they’re here one of them is correct and the other one is not. If anyone is a master spa geek who could help troubleshoot this I would be eternally grateful!
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