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  1. he jumper setting in the lower left hand corner was already made when the spa was installed 15 years ago. The connection can also be seen on the last picture of the total board overview where you can see that on the left hand side where the 22o volt terminal is located a connection has been made by a brown wire between the top two terminals. But we do not really know what you mean. I thought it was clear in my previous quote that there was a significant voltage difference in the control voltage to the relay, 16.5 volts which in our opinion should be 24 volts and that perhaps causes the problem. Now the only trick is to find the cause of that voltage difference......... Who knows a solution here.... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. We have moved on a bit but the problem is not solved. The relay has been replaced by a new one but it does not work.After measuring it carefully, we found that the control voltage to the relay was 16.5 volts. In our opinion it should be 24 volts but we are not sure. We also checked the transformer and it gives an output of 12 and 24 volts as it should. Where can the problem now be???? My electronics repair guy is someone who is already retired but has always worked in electronics but does not have all the measuring equipment to properly measure everything. Who can help us further?
  3. Really? Because then I really have a big problem. Does anyone here have experience with writing to Gecko to ask if they still have an electrical schematic of this circuit board??? Or are there companies in North America , where these problems certainly occur sometimes , where you can ask for these diagrams.
  4. My electrician is working on it now but ask me for an electrical diagram. But I don't have one, now my question is do you know where I could downlode one. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Thanks for your response, I want to take the circuit board out this week and then check the back and possibly the relay.
  6. Hello, It is a pity that I have not yet received a response here and I may not have found a solution myself. The suppliers in the Netherlands of spas that I called say that you just have to replace the circuit board and that it is solved, but that is the most expensive solution and since the spa is already 16 years old I think it is no longer worth it is. Does anyone here know of another possible solution to this problem? Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Regards, William Google Translate
  7. Hello, Our Sunrice Eclypse from 2005 has problems with heating, sometimes it works fine for a few days, but then suddenly it no longer heats while it does indicate that it is heating up on the display. When I open the control box then I do not measure current at the connection points of the element, but if I then start measuring on the printed circuit board and I push something against it, I suddenly get current again at the points and also on the element yourself. Sometimes it works fine for a few days or a week and then the problem reappears. Does anyone here know what could be the problem? I use Translator .EU
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