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  1. Please be aware that there is a person named Charles Gordon Smith who operates in NC and nearby states. He has defrauded many individuals - including me - by promising to order parts, accepting partial or full payment for them, then either not doing the work or only doing partial work. He was convicted of fraud in 2015, went to prison, and started back immediately after his release in 2016. His latest fraud that became public was done on an AirBnB owner in Charlotte, NC in January of 2021. He has gone by the name Gordon Smith and Charles Smith in the past, but he may also use other names. Let me state the obvious: NEVER pay a spa technician until the job is done, not even partially. Mr. Smith is a very skilled con man and- even though I always believed I knew better - I fell victim to his game as have others I've come to know. If mods are concerned about libel issues, then please check the sources before deleting this post. Sources: https://abc11.com/diane-wilson-troubleshooter-carolina-hot-tub-repair-gordon-smith/672749/ https://www.wbtv.com/2021/01/22/mooresville-woman-paid-company-nearly-swim-spa-repair-months-later-no-fix/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/hot-tub-urgent-care-charlotte-2
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