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  1. Quick question about the Gecko In.Xe Spa Pack and a particular control issue that I seem to be having. From some previous discussion here, I now have the Gecko manual for the spa pack, which has been super helpful. I suspect that my Topside control may have failed but just want to confirm what I am seeing and check if there is some other way to confirm it before I buy a new one. I have the In.K200 control pad - I believe it is model 0607-008022 (or a predecessor to it). The spa pack seems to be working properly. No error codes, maintains temp, etc. However, pump 1 is not responsive to button presses and neither is the light. Pump 2 works and the Up/Down arrow button works. The spa pack will operate pump 1 at both speeds. It will cycle the circulation pump, which turns on the low speed jets on one side of the spa. In this scenario, the pump 1 light on the display will flash. Also, when I recycle the entire spa using the main breaker it will turn on the high speed for pump 1. In this case the display for pump 1 is lit solid (albeit dimmer than pump 2, not sure if meaningful, guessing not). However, no matter what I do, the pump 1 button does not work. So it seems to me like the spa pack is able to control pump 1 AND it seems that both speeds are working. So logically it seems to be the control pad has failed. Any way to confirm that without buying a new one?
  2. Thanks, I will have to work on it over the weekend. Wasn't able to tinker with it at night. Could be that they are turned off but I suspect not. I have not checked the diverter valve. In fact, I didn't realize that there was one. I will have to open all the panels and see if I can find something like that. thanks for your assistance again!!
  3. Did some cursory research and also used the spa last night and discovered some more issues (my spouse is back so opened the whole spa up). I am also having some issues with numerous jets. Of the 4 main seats in the spa only 1 of them seems to be operating properly. I suspect I have either one or more failed jets or some sort of sediment in a jet causing the issue. Is there an easy way to debug the jets or do I need to drain the tub and take each one of them apart? Regarding the leak, I think I overfilled the tub. I will have to lower the level and see if it persists or if it might be related to the issue with the jets. That check valve that is leaking, assuming it is a check valve, is T'd off a line for a jet that isn't working. Or, I should say, most of them on that side of the spa are not working.
  4. Hi Folks, Still trying to work out some issues with the thermospa tub that I posted about last week. I have it filled and have been using it so there's progress! However, I noticed a leak today and I could use a tip about the purpose of this part. It's a loose fitting coming off a T from a jet. There is a 2nd one next to it, not leaking, that appears to have some kind of foam in the tip. The one pictured had a steady stream of drips coming off it. I'd suspected that there might be a leak since my water level had dropped a little faster than expected. This is the source. I have another leak that is more like a slight weep off of a main joint but that's not producing any significant amount of water (still need to deal with it somehow). Anyway, if anyone knows what this part is it would be a great help. For now, I have kinked and zip tied the line as a temporary solution to stop the leak. thanks!!!
  5. Thanks, I can take some more pics of the rear pump but yes pump 1 is right behind the spa pack. It looks similar to the new one (pump 2) on the right but I am not 100% sure if it is the same. Easy enough to check if it's 2 speed. The new one is actually a 2 speed but wired for high speed only as this was the replacement Gecko part number for the original 1 speed pump. I realized this morning that there was no blower and meant to edit that out of my prior posts. Looks like I missed the post with the pics. This was my parents 4th spa, if I recall correctly, and it didn't even occur to me that they had bought one without a blower. Odd... but who am I to complain.. free spa and despite the apparent condition it was only used for a short time and otherwise sat for various reasons. Still not quite sure what's up with the controls for the 1st pump but I need go through the test procedure in the tech manual that you provided earlier. It will cycle with the heater but it doesn't seem to be responsive to the button. Not sure if it's a programming issue, a fuse (unlikely), an issue with the control pad, or something up with the spa pack. Will tinker more shortly... got sidetracked looking for a replacement arm for the hydraulic cover lifter that I broke the first time I used it. Probably not the best idea to have installed it 18 months ago since I completely forgot about the button on the locking hydraulic lift. Grrrrrrr!
  6. Many, many thanks!!!! It never occurred to me that this was a Gecko unit and not something proprietary to the spa maker. This is incredibly helpful. I'll study up and revert back with any questions if I have any. Once again, thank you so much for your help.
  7. Going to edit the original post as I have realized some things that I didn't notice initially.
  8. Getting late but ran out to tinker for a few minutes and grabbed some prelim images, which are below. I also realized that I think the 10E indicator is almost certainly the setpoint and actually 103. I get that to display, as in the pic below, hitting the up/down arrow button. I also was able to get the 2nd pump to turn on/off by hitting the up/down arrow then hitting the pump 2 button but I am not able to get the circulation pump to switch to a higher speed. I also cant get the blower to turn on still or make sense of how to adjust the temp settings.
  9. Thanks, I will snap some images of the board tomorrow. Posting some preliminary pics in the post below.
  10. Hi Folks, I inherited a 2009 era ThermoSpas Concord (serial R426601-09 / build date 6-24-09, if important) that sat for several years. I have no paperwork for the spa and have been trying to get it up and running - it worked normally when it was last used. After getting it wired and upon first fill I ran into a problem with pump #2 that now seems to be resolved. The pump was leaking and causing a GFI break that would shut the whole spa down after about 30 seconds. I will probably rebuild this pump and keep it as a spare but to get things going quickly, I installed a new pump and have filled up the spa again. The spa seems to be more or less working now, although I am not 100% sure if it is working correctly. The spa heated to it's setpoint overnight and I can get pump #2 to operate (the new one). Pump #1 is the circulation pump and seems to cycle normally when the tub is heating. I am not too sure how to turn it on/off manually. I am also not sure if it is a one or two speed pump. I am also not sure how to adjust the setpoint temp. I suspect this spa also has modes of some type? Any chance someone has a manual from this generation? Or any tips? thank you!
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