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  1. Ok sorry about the confusion my head never stops… it’s my first time ever messing with a hot tub chemically. I had high ph and alkalinity when I checked with the strips that came with the hot tub. I bought ph down the hot tub place told me that would take both down. It did. I check about every other day with the strips and everything looks perfect! Just for shi*s and giggles I checked with the yellow and red drops I use for the pool and the ph was a little high but still normal but the yellow didn’t show up at all. The strips still show good. Is my bromine not correct and is that why I am getting the biofilm? I haven’t purged it yet but am going to this weekend.
  2. Thank you for the help. I have been reading the articles on bromine all day. I have learned quite a bit.
  3. I guess that’s a possibility I had some nasty slime looking stuff on the filter too but that’s washed away! I cleaned all that up and scrubbed the entire hot tub. Just ocd about keeping it clean and making sure it’s safe!
  4. Ok, let me start by saying I have read a lot of posts on here and this site has helped tremendously. I have had a pool for years and years and I can take care of the pool water no problem. I just bought an inflatable hot tub at the end of May so about a month ago. I am not sure but I think I may have some biofilm in there already. I have maintained my chemicals correctly I thought. The strips that came with the hot tub measured everything right down the middle. For my pool I use the liquid drops (red & yellow). I decided to check the spa with that the other day just out of curiousity and my ph showed just a little high and my bromine didn't show up at all but it does on the strips. My yellow chemical is from last year, but shows up ok for the pool so I figured it was ok for the spa. Anyway I have some ahh-some cleaner coming in the mail today to give the spa a good cleaning and I guess drain it and refill it and try again. I have kept my filters changed regularly, ususlly every few days I soak them and then use the pressure washer to clean them off. The biofilm I see looks kind of like a sand in the middle of the pool that keeps showing up. Also use the floater that came with the hot tub for the bromine, holds 1 tablet but seemed ok on the strips. ph and alkalinity and harness all seem ok on the strips too, it is just the liquid test that concerned me. If I forgot to mention anything let me know, I am still new to dealing with hot water and not cold water.
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