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  1. Update: Dealer technician came today and replaced the temp sensor (which wasnt needed since that had been done) and also replaced the hi limit switch. I was not there to see actual results and I heard second hand from an office staff that the overheat GFCI trip message persisted after sensors were replaced. They then reported that the tech called Jacuzzi tech support and received instructions on how to do a "Dip switch 10 reset" which supposedly fixed the warning message and tub is now working. I requested a callback from the tech to see what this specific fix is. When he called, he indicated that "newer" tubs need a reset after sensor replacement. I believe the procedure is to cut power to the tub, toggle dip switch position 10, re-power the tub for 2-3(?) minutes, power-down, re-toggle the switch #10, then re-power the tub. Can't promise 100% accuracy on this procedure as the tech didn't describe it in gory detail. YMMV. Maybe others in the forum can confirm/correct this info.
  2. OK, ciderjack, I assume the clearing of the message is not an issue the homeonwer can resolve independently? I would also imagine that Jacuzzi tech support will not help me with the error but instead say call for dealer repair? Do you have any insight as to why the Overheat GFCI trip warning occurred right after the drain-replace_temp_sensor-refill process (perhaps air in the heater or pump areas somehow? I have not had this issue on previous drain-refill cycles ...
  3. Thanks, RDspaguy. Yes, under warranty and tech has ordered a hi limit sensor for replacement (though no current info as to when the part will arrive). The main reason for my post/questions was that I expected the original temp sensor replacement to resolve the issue but a new problem cropped up. Then, when the GFCI replacement essentially "fixed" the problem but yet the error message persists, I was stumped. Wish there was some sort of "error clear" step that could be taken (such as on your car's OBD-II) to eliminate the error message. I am also mildly concerned that the error message indicates an ongoing problem but now that the GFCI is holding, I am not convinced there isn't some latent problem that continues ...
  4. I have a ~year-old Jacuzzi J-385 hot tub and one day got the "watchdog" error message with dashes. Research showed likely source of problem was the water temperature sensor. Water temp was actually and nowhere near the high temps that watchdog is designed to prevent. So, I bought and installed a new sensor (6600-751 Sundance/Jacuzzi Temperature Sensor with 3 Pin Connector). Decided to drain the tub before repair since it had been a couple of weeks before the part came in and the water needed changing anyway. Sensor and new O-ring install was straightforward. After re-filling tub, I turned the GFCI back on. Watchdog message was gone and temp measured 70-some deg which was in the right ballpark. But, a completely new set of error words came up: "Overheat GFCI Trip Call for Service" After 4-5 minute of normal display and pump operation (except for the error message), the GFCI on the wall box trips. Checked for water leaks or loose wires inside the panel and found nothing amiss. After several cycles of the same behavior (GFCI trips every time after 4-5 mins after a reset), the GFCI breaker would not even reset. It would not pass electricity to the hot tub at all. I disconnected the wires to the tub at the breaker and still GFCI would not reset so definitely the GFCI had gone bad and not anything related to the tub or wiring to the tub. Not sure how it went bad since the GFCI worked (albeit with tub perhaps tripping it?) just before it went bad altogether. So, had electrician put in a new GFCI breaker. Now the GFCI holds and power is restored to the hot tub. Messages on the display (Overheat GFCI trip call for service) are still there. I figured the breaker would trip again after the 4-5 minutes but this time, the tub stays on! Tub heats up to the set temp and jets work. So, what was the problem that caused the GFCI to trip and the messages to appear? Why did the problem happen after a refill? Does the problem still persist and somehow the GFCI breaker isn't getting tripped as it was before? If there is no longer a problem, how do I get rid of the error messages? Or, is the presence of the messages an indication that there is still and equipment or sensor (perhaps the hi limit sensor) issue? Thanks in advance! Mike
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