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  1. Hey guys! After some time we figured out the problem. Didn't write the full story previously cos I never considered it important, but long story short. I've had a circulation motor which stopped working, someone came and changed the motor to a new one. But as it turnes out, my old motor was designed for 24hour circulation, while the new one is not. Theoretically the in.k600 control should be able to (depending on spa setup) program purge cycles (mine was set up like this because of the 24hour circulation) or filter cycles. I guess the best solution would be to program the filter cycle, but I can't find the menu for it. I'm guessing there is some way to choose between purge or filter cycle, and it was done when the installation happened. Is there any way I can find it and set it up? is there like a master setting? thanks
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately I have an older version of this. Also, in this, it only tells you how to start what's called on mine the purge function, when all pumps and blowers run for a set preriod of time. Couldn't find anything on how to program the circulator...
  3. Hey guys. I'm a newbie here, got a jacuzzi with the flat we just bought (without any manuals of course). My problem is that my circulation seems to be always running. Got a Gecko in.xm with an in.k600 control board. I was told elsewhere that it shouldn't always run (just for a couple of hours a day), and I should be able to set when the circulation is on in the Options/Filter menu, but that only sets when the blowers start up for a purge (and how many times a day). Any ideas? Thanks!
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