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  1. I’ll take your word for it! Could have sworn it was 2 speeds, but I’ve been wrong before. Thanks!!!
  2. The software the parts dealer sent me was 1.10 I believe, sounds like a slightly older version. I’ll grab my screw driver and go check the wiring again.
  3. Hi all, I had to replace both the panel head and box on my Vanguard Hot Tub. The old panel was inoperable and they don’t make the old one anymore. I’ve got everything back up and running perfect with one exception- the low speed option for my two jets doesn’t work on either one. I’ve updated the firmware and enabled the low speed option on the screen in the set up. When I press the low speed button I can hear a relay click on, but nothing happens. High speed works great. Not sure if I’ve missed a step or if the new panel and board simply aren’t compatible with the low speed on my tub. Parts I bought... 76836 IQ 2020 Control Box 2012-Current Hot Spring Spas 76844 Control Panel Head, Eagle My serial number: VV1M2187 If anyone has insight, I’m all ears! Thanks!
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