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  1. Waterbear, Thanks, we will start using the Metal Out as a preventative. I can't thank you enough for your interest and help. Even though we have maintained our pool for more than 20 years without any water problems and thought we knew what we were doing, this problem made us realize we had little real knowledge about water chemistry. I have printed all of your responses to have a reference to refer to if a problem like this hits us in the future. Also, the discovery of this forum gives us comfort in knowing we have a place to get answers and to hopefully contribute whenever we can
  2. Waterbear, Now that our Memorial Day weekend family has departed, I can get back to thanking you for your time and knowledge in helping us resolve our pool water problem. After all our worry about the water, it rained all day Saturday and Sunday and only got into the high 50's on Monday so only a few of the brave kids got into it briefly. Like all pools, it was nice to look at though. At this point, the water has cleared up significantly, helped by the 2" or so rain over the weekend. The CYA is still low but we are slowly getting it up to the recommended level. Over the las
  3. Sorry, I used the wrong term. What we have is Regal Care Systems "Metal Out" that our pool store gave us. They don't show any ingredients on the bottle but do caution use as it contains etridonic acid. Our reunion family starts arriving this evening and with the pool skimmer starting to suck air because of no rain for weeks and low water level we had to top it off with about an inch of water this morning. Because of the added well water, the pool has now changed from almost clear to a bit cloudy but we can still easily see the bottom in the deep end. At this point, we are reluctan
  4. Waterbear, Wow! That's a lot of good info in your last post. Our Taylor K-2006 test kit arrived today and these are the results. The first number is from the Taylor kit and the second after the comma is from our pool store using a disk type machine, just for comparison. The store numbers are about 3 hours after pulling the sample from the pool so that may affect some of the readings. My Taylor tests were done about 36 hrs after the store test and with the filter running 24/7 and the SWG running at 70%. That likely accounts for the high chlorine numbers but I have turned it back to 4
  5. Thanks again for your response and so quickly. 1. I will order the Taylor K-2006 test kit as soon as I post this reply. We have been using the AquaChek -7 strips for years which have given us readings that have always kept our water crystal clear. That is, until we get into a problem that we have now where the strips are not accurate enough to guide us properly. 2. Our SWGC is a Hayward Turbo Cell T-Cell-9 with a Hayward Gold Line Aqua Rite controller. It gives us a salt number which was 2700 at startup but now up to 3200 after adding salt. Is this accurate enough or are the salt
  6. Waterbear Thanks very much for commenting. Our pool is located at a summer place about 75 miles from home. It is a rural area with the nearest store a 20 mile round trip. The nearest pool store capable of doing a water analysis is more like a 40 mile trip so we buy our chemicals and get water testing when we get back home. We had a sample done at home after we topped off the pool with well water and shocked it when we opened it. Free chlorine was 18.44 ppm, total at 20, combined at 1.56, ph at 8.4, cya at 1, and zero for copper and iron. The iron number may have been zero because it a
  7. As a follow-up to my first post, the pool water vase after sitting over night had about a one inch accumulation of semi-transparent mucous-like material at the bottom. When disturbed, it would break into flakes but remain suspended in the water. Some rising to the top surface. I have no idea what this is and how the cloud of orange iron precipitate that returned into the pool while vacuuming turned into that material. Also, this morning there was nothing that had settled out on the pool bottom but the water was still cloudy and light green. When pulling out a white 5 gal bucket of water
  8. We have an approximate 20,000 gal inground speckled blue fiberglass pool in Virginia which had the water level lowered for the winter and covered with a solid top. The water was very clear all winter under the cover. Leaving the cover on because of the spring pollen and tree debris, we topped it off with about 2 to 3k gal of well water. This year, we are having problems with brown well water that has been ongoing after heavy rains throughout the fall, winter and into spring. After topping off the pool, the water turned brown because of the added well water. At that point, we super shocke
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