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  1. Hello. We are installing a Really EZ insulated Thermapool in our garage (insulated and heated)--We have had their pools before and LOVE THEM!) The pool temp will be routinely kept around 90 degrees F. We have purchased a UV filter to reduce the amount of chemicals in the water, and have opted for Bromine vs. Chlorine for a few reasons--it was recommended, chlorine shortages and price gouging, as well as the fact that the pool will be kept at higher temps. (While I know Bromine is a derivative of Chlorine it was easier to find in our area so that too was part of our reasoning.) I recently saw a post that bromine degradation is much higher with a UV filter than is chlorine--I thought they both (chlorine and bromine) degraded, and that was part of the point of the UV - to reduce chemical and smells as well as gasses released (Chloramines etc.) while still keeping the water clear? I have also read Brominated water is not as clear... I don't love the idea though that water may not be as clear with Bromine, and I have also read that the UV filter needs clearer water to work properly? But the UV people actually suggested the bromine (to a level of .3-.5 ppm). So, I'm a but confused. I feel like I'm working on a puzzle with missing pieces. Is anyone out there using a UV sanitizer with Bromine, and would you be willing to share your experience and results? Can brominated water stay clear? Any tips, tricks thoughts or ideas you can share are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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