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  1. I will have the pool guy check it out. My thought is that since the low flow is too low, it makes it almost pointless to run it at that RPM until the pool guy can check it out. Does that make sense?
  2. Hello. I just got a VSP and I noticed something strange. When my pump goes into the Low RPM mode at 1500 RPMs, the flow goes to 0 GPM (what it reads on the pump) but I haven't lost the priming function. Is this ok? What is the ideal flow rate for the Low RPM mode? I have solar pool panels that the water goes through. Any advice will help. Thank you!
  3. Thank you RDspaguy! I'm definitely going to give it a good scrub. After I have it drained, I'll post some pics. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. Thank you cranbiz! I appreciate you letting me know. I definitely feel like I have a better working knowledge of it now.
  5. I have a very basic question. For hot tubs to heat up, are they generally powered by gas? Or do they generally heat up by the circulation of the jets?
  6. I have an above ground spa that I'd like to have resurfaced. The color looks old and instead of having a brand new one installed, I was thinking about painting it. Any suggestions on what can handle warm temperatures?
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