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  1. Thanks for the response. I actually watched that vid on YouTube earlier. I did remove all the (6) fuses after testing in place as I figured I might get false readings. They're fine. I also spoke with an engineer briefly to run it past him, and he was 90% of the opinion that the panel would be faulty given the absence of error messages but also of any relay clicks with all button options. He has had this issue himself a few times. I've now removed the panel to identify it, and it's an ML554. I'm contemplating buying another panel (probably eBay) to test and (hopefully not) return if i
  2. Good morning, thanks for the add. I have a 2008 Catalina Premium 800CD (UK version of the Quebec) which has semi-died. The top panel appears to be responding correctly in that the display is fine, Mode settings changes appear to be saved, the pump/blower/lights buttons show and hide their yellow lights when pressed, and the fast-flicker heater activation light is working. The commands however are not being actioned, i.e. both pumps, the blower, the lights and the heater do not operate. I've cut power for 12 hours and restarted but to no avail. I've also tested all fuses which are goo
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