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  1. No no. The next time I refill I'll purge. It's been a month since the last refill so maybe in 50 days or something.
  2. The water temp is at 99. I do have the aeration buttons selected on and have the secondary circulation cleaning on as well. I was amazed at how much crap came out with the ahh some. I may do a purge a month early to get to the bottom of it.
  3. Thanks you guys. Next fill I'll do ahh-some twice and see if there's any sludge the second time round.
  4. Thanks for the video. I need to get a faster pump for draining that's for sure. I think that made the wipe down worse because it drained slow enough that I had to keep wiping or else that stuff would cake on. So another purge for sure. Is that the only thing then?
  5. Yes, I removed the filters and let them float around during the purge, then I sprayed each perforation of the filter with water on both and then soaked them for a few hours in some filter cleaner. It was a brand new tub that was 9 months old. I was so impressed with ahh-some but alas it was a long day of cleaning so I only did the purge once. I will do it again for sure the next time I drain the tub. Possibly twice. Here's a pic of the purge.
  6. It’s not normal right? I was reading some other posts and people put a couple in 1 floater. I go through a whole stack pretty darn quick x2. I’ve tried a few brands. Same story. Would adding more sodium bromide to have a bigger reserve be the right idea? I’m 100% sure I put in the recommended amount from the label in because I weighted the number tsp on a digital scale and 7.5-8 tsp is what it said to do.
  7. Forgot to add. I use baking soda to raise TA and use a Taylor k-1005 to test.
  8. Thanks right off the top for helping me get to this level of understanding. This forum has been very useful so far. I have had a jacuzzi j365 (1666L) for about 9 months now. So I’ve gone through a few water changes already and feel more comfortable with the chemistry than I did 2 weeks before it arrived. At this moment my water is at around 50TA 7.9 ph 6 ppm bromine 160 calcium Seems to me I’m fighting ph vs having a decent TA. I also put in 8-9 tsp of sodium bromide in to establish a base at fill which was a month ago. But my main issue is I seem to need to have two floaters set at 9 and 6 out of 12 to keep my bromine levels in check. If I take one out it’s bromine is at 2 ppm the next day and zero the following day. This seems to be the case no matter the Chem balance. I pour some bleach in, maybe a cup once a week for shock or additionally a little less throughout the week if one of the floaters is dissolving faster than I thought and the ppm drops to 2-3. Last fill we used ahh-some which worked great minus the clean up so I’m assuming bio film is not a factor. what am I missing here? Is having 7 pucks visible and dissolving too many? Certainly not cheap. I thought I should be shocking once a week and the floater(s) should keep bromine around 4 through the week. I check levels either everyday to every two or three. Depends how busy work is. Thanks everyone. John from British Columbia
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