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  1. @waterbear at what point should I switch from dichlor to pool chlorine? What is my ideal CYA? Bearing in mind that my chlorine reading is always so low (I'm guessing due to the ozone system) and I would rather not over chlorinate if I can help it.
  2. Thank you so much @RDspaguy and @waterbear, I will do some more reading and look into borate, liquid chlorine and a testing kit for cyanuric acid, and also keep my TA lower. Awesome help thank you.
  3. Ok I have done some reading and got suitably freaked out about biofilm, white mould, chlorine gas inhalation etc etc! I have also run pipe cleaner through the tub, drained it and refilled it again, it’s now up to temperature and ready to start with new chemistry. I’m hopeful that we don’t need any more drastic decontamination procedures at this stage as we haven’t had any skin or health concerns and the tub is still fairly new (bought Oct 2020), with this being about our 3rd water change. So my questions now are: 1) How do I gauge our chlorine demand when I was told not to worry a
  4. Tub is 700 litres. After filling and heating I add 175g Hardness Increase. Then 175g PH Buffer/Alkalinity Increase. Then test using AquaChek test strips. My PH is generally high so I add 25-30g PH Decrease, usually whenever I check it approx twice per week. Then 2 tsp granulated chlorine once per week (Sodium Dichlor Di-Hydrate 560g/kg). Occasionally I take a sample for testing, the last readings/prescription were as follows: PH 8.1 / add 20g PH Decrease TA 87 / add 25g PH Buffer CH 223 CL 0.09 CA 56 Phosphates 377 Since that time I have completed a partial wate
  5. We have an ozone system fitted and we were told to add 2 tsp of chlorine per week and not worry about the chlorine reading. The chlorine always seems to be at zero (based on the white test strip colour) even a couple of hours after chlorinating. Also I have constant issues trying to lower the PH which just goes right back up again, even though my Total Alkalinity is pretty stable, and the water sometimes becomes a bit cloudy, smelly or foamy, or even fizzy. I don’t know if these issues are all related or separate? I am constantly adding chemicals and at my wits end!
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