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  1. filters are new, pressure switch working. Its got an E10 Laing circ pump. Well thats the new version, mine is original. Like all the way back to 2007. There are like $200, so I just dont want to throw one at it without some checking. Any ideas? Lindner115
  2. Looking for a trustworthy company to purchase a new cover from. Also recommendations on specs (Wisconsin).Thickness, lbs insulation, skirt length, ect. Appreciate the help. Also looking for a replacement motor and pump. see attachment. Most places wont tell me if they have on in stock without seeing it once its removed. I have capability to measure all wet kit dimensions. Just wish I could have one on hand so I can go right back together with it. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I think I’ll take a chance on the upgraded heater. If that pans out I’ll installed new pump. Thanks again.
  4. Its original to 2004, paid its dues. It must be shorted it. I've got it unhooked and everything works. Hook it up and it wont hold the breaker even for a second.
  5. I've got an older(2004) vita spa L700C i purchased used 2 years ago. Has worked pretty well. I started getting a flo error recently. I've know one of the pump motors was losing low speed. So i need a 4hp 2 speed motor for sure. Now twice the breaker been tripped out. I narrowed it down to the heater. This has an old vertical heater. My question is... is it worth it or even possible to upgrade spa pack on this old of a tub. If I bought a new tub I would want exact configuration i have. any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I did to cycles with ah some and changed out the pressure switch. And I'm in business!! no errors. Got my water balanced back out and we are back to enjoying the tub. Thanks.
  7. is it possible to pull it out without draingtub? Just stick a pipe thread plug in hole while i clean it. I can see a piece of what i assume is calcium on switch. @CanadianSpaTech
  8. thanks for the reply. mine does not have the 3/8 barb. I'm quite sure its the original pack, from what i've seen. the heater is actually stamped with a date, something 2002, holy crap! Cleaning filters weekly because tub was neglected. Looks like a white slime but rinses out in white flakes. i've heard some negative stuff on vitas. I paid $900, and been learning as i go. We love it. Its in really good shape and everything works. Since we like it, i may look to upgrade sometime.
  9. Got an older 2005ish vita spa nuage, everyday i get a pressure switch fault. So i take off the side, and find the in line pressure switch, you know the one in a T, with like 3/4" barb fittings. It has some crap on the switch, likely the problem, for $55 i'll just get one on hand. But the odd thing is there is also a switch in the heater but has no wires to it. Did it fail, and they put in the other style? I didn't think they ever had two switches. This tub is fairly new to me. The number on inline switch is 41144, can i just get the switch, dont need the housing. Thanks. lindner115
  10. So I've got an 2006 ish vita spa newage. Its got a 2 filter setup, its weird one day it sucks on one, and the next day it will be sucking on the other. Doesn't ever suck through both that i've seen. I've got a PS pressure switch code also. thanks.
  11. How long do you leave ah some in?
  12. I have Ah some already, waiting for a warmer day. thanks.
  13. I know, I know, I didn't do my research prior to buying, when I bought it was cold and late and if you want more excuses I can come up with them. 2006ish Vita Spa Nuage. Lol. It was new homeowners and they didn't want to deal with tub but didnt know many details, basically worst case scenario. Anyway, I was told they turned off the waterfall because they didn't like the noise. I been having trouble controlling sanitzer, wife actually got rash. I use bromine in a floater, and have granular bromine. And Shock, actually called shock. Upon further investigation of waterfall, they actually unhooked one pump. Actually unplugged and pulled wires off relay. I hooked it back up and it works. Why it was unplugged will probably show its ugly face sooner than later, but as of now it works. But i did get a bunch of gross debris when i started it, beetles and such. Onto the next, the air blower fuse blown, replace and it drops the gfci. I'm sure air blower needs replacing. Do I have to have a blower? Can it have possibly bacteria growing if not circulating? I know I just need to empty and clean. But its teens in Wisconsin and a foot of snow, but for the love of God the kids want to use the tub!! I'd like to wait for a 40 degree day to do that. I've put in new filters, any insight? I've heard Vita Spa is a different breed, but she's my baby for now. I got $900 invested. Thanks so much. Lindner115
  14. This the board. I’ll do some more checking.
  15. You ever come up with a solution, I have same issue.
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