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  1. I already have a left over circ pump from the jetsetter I had I'm think that might work. The list of soft jumpers had that on it got me to thinking.
  2. Will this take place of the main pump kicking on for the heater?
  3. Is it possible to install a continuous circulation pump on a 2016 Hotspot SX tub.
  4. files jumper settings and conversion came up as unavailable
  5. 2016 tub . Electrical is no problem 32 yrs as a electrician at power plant. Another question do you make the soft jumper changes after you power it up on 220.
  6. Anyone have the soft jumpers to change voltage from 110 to 220 on my sx tub.
  7. Replaced our 1996 Jetsetter bought a refurbished 2016 hotspot SX. This model year came with just a blue light. Gave the people at Backyard plus a call and the hooked me up with a Multicolored light. Now this wasn't just plug and play it did require you to change some settings that they walked me through. Now the tub has 8 different colors and 3 loop sittings just like the newer models.
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