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  1. Thank you both. My spa manual says do not use liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets. I was thinking to switch to Calcium hypochlorite when cya reaches 30ppm. I have heard the floating frog@ease unit gets sucked into the weir, but it sounds like there are possible frog@ease product that do not float. Thanks again!
  2. Has anyone heard of frog@ease system and should I switch to bromine? My spa has ozonator and pleated filter but no other filtration system.
  3. I have a 400gal hot tub with cover in socal. It runs to maintain 103deg. I have had it for 1 month. I generally have to add pH increaser once every other week. I shock once a week with non-chlorine shock oxidizer but it does not seem to do much to increase free chlorine. I add dichlor every other day, sometimes every day when the spa is often used. The problem is Cyanuric acid increases everytime I add dichlor and I have to replace 50% of water every month when Cyanuric acid is above 100 to keep Cyanuric acid level under 50. What can I do to reduce maintenance time I’ve been spending on my spa? Even if a service comes once a week that is not enough to keep clorine balanced. Any advice would be appreciated. David
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