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  1. Well I think so! It's not complicated to dip the strips. And with the testing kit I fill it to the 44 and add 5 drops. I was able to get the taylor test down with a lot of PH down today and the test strips have stayed the same. So I think the strips were off and the taylor is right. 🙂 Thanks!
  2. All- I use 3 different test strips and finally got the Taylor k-2006. My strips show me that my PH is 6.8. Taylor tells me it's 8.0 or above. Which is right? Taylor? I keep adding PH down and it doesn't seem to matter- Taylor always shows me 8.0 it seems. Advice? Thanks!
  3. This is all helpful- thanks! I'll get a test kit online. I'm using WaterTrend Sani-Chlor and Spa Shock. On my aqua check strips the TA is 80 and the PH was 7.2 last night and is 8.4 this afternoon. This morning I added a weekly spa refresher, scum destroyer, and some Unique. I do have sponges in the tub.
  4. Hi- new hot tub owner here. Can anyone tell me what this substance is along the ring of my tub? We had a MUCH bigger ring problem and I learned my PH was not balanced and we got that mostly cleared out except for this that I can't seem to kick. My test strips tell me different things but generally it appears my PH and alkalinity are ok. My total hardness always appears on one strip to be high and on the other one to be in range. Help! Thanks!
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