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  1. Alright, I can't deal anymore! New tub, 2 weeks ago. Chemicals are all over the place. Hear me out. 1st time filling, we ran the jets and an orange (antifreeze?) comes out of the jets. Took forever to get the PH and alkalinity down, shocked it, etc. First time sitting in it, we notice a slimy film all over and a chalkiness. I scrub that out with water still in tub, the next day it looks murky and smells "off". We drain it, clean it, soaked and cleaned filter, ran a cleaner through the plumbing and start over. Refilled last night with a special filter attached to our hose, shocked it before balancing, oops. This morning, PH and alkalinity, super high. Have given three rounds of chemical to bring it down, so far nothing. Once again, the inside feels chalky!! Feeling defeated here. What am I doing wrong?
  2. We are having the exact same issue! Also using Bromine. Any answers yet? Kim
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