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  1. Hi all, Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions, It seems I've still got a lot to learn when it comes to hot tubs, to test my water I just use 4 Way Aquasparkle test strips which test, TA, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine and pH although I've just tested my water about 5 minutes ago and some how (no idea how) my bromine levels are up at 4ppm and there's also a slight chlorine reading of about 1ppm, I've got no idea how this has happened, I've not done anything to my hot tub 8 just thought I'd do a reading incase the pH has been thrown off. Many thanks for all of your help and I'll take a further look into getting some calcium hardness chemicals @waterbear thank you all for your help
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I presumed I would get an email if someone replied to this forum although I didn't. Thanks for the info, with the Bromine Infused Granules, they're Aquasparkle branded and it says it's Di-chloro-isocyanurate dihydrate and Sodium bromide. I used this although my bromine levels are still next to nothing.
  3. I'm a new hot tub user and for about a week now I've been having an issue of just above 0ppm bromine levels, my pH and TA are completely fine and in the correct range although the bromine is next to nothing, I have a Sundance Optima 880 and I tried using the Brominator and a floating dispenser both together and one at a time and neither has fixed my issue and now just yesterday when the jets are on the hot tub starts to create foam. During the refilling stage I used infused bromine granules as I heard this is something you're supposed to use to boost the bromine upon refill, this worked and I had high bromine levels although they naturally ended up dropping. I've tried, refilling the water, using non-chlorine shock treatment, cleaning the filter with a filter cleaner hose attachment
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