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  1. Perfect, thanks for the info Waterbear. I wasn't sure how different the bromine tablets were compare to chlorine tablets. I thought I was perhaps wasting money as they are more expensive and I was mainly building up my sodium bromide bank via my dichlor\bromide sanitizer. The rest you mentioned I was already aware so I will just keep doing what I have been doing so far since it works great. Last fill, I noticed that it took around 130grams give or take 10grams until I felt like I could get a consistent bromine reading. I am sure there is a way to calculate exactly how much I need based on my 350 gallon tub. Perhaps I'll look it up out of curiosity. Yves
  2. Hi, I am getting ready for a refill and also running out of bromine tablets. So far, I've used what the dealer has provided me, so after doing some research online, I feel like I technically only need one or the other to create and maintain my bromine bank and could switch one of the products to chlorine which would save me money and have zero disadvantages. I was thinking of getting Chlorine tablets instead and just continue using my 85% dichlor 15% sodium bromine sanitizer or perhaps keep the bromine tablets and just use the dichlor\bromide sanitizer to create the bromide bank and get some CYA in there, then switch to bleach. Am I missing something, if my assumptions are correct, I assume it just comes down to personal preference? Thanks,
  3. ok, so just to confirm, shocking and oxidizing are essentially the same thing? I was under the impression that you always had to oxidize after every use, but know that I know that it may not be necessary, I'll see what happens the day after without adding any after a soak. I have a feeling that the ozone alone won't be enough. Perhaps I could open up the floater a lot more, but the bromine tablets are apparently the most expensive product, so I might still be better off using a bit of Dichlor after each use. I am starting to wonder if my spa is actually bromine at all considering that the only product that contains Bromide are the tablets. Wouldn't it make more sense to use an oxidizer that contained a bit of Sodium Bromide to help establish\maintain the reserve instead of using Dichlor? I suppose that wouldn't apply if I had actually added pure Sodium Bromide when I initially filled my spa. I thought the idea of the floater was simply to help maintain the bromide reserve and provide an additional constant sanitation. That's the way I have been using mine, its only open enough to expose 1 tablet at the moment. I did open it up several inches the first week when I had trouble getting bromine readings on the test strips. Thanks for the info. Yves
  4. Hi, We purchased and received our first hot tub just over a month ago and so far, my wife and I have been using it almost every day (avg 45 mins). Water chemistry wise everything seems to be going well except for high PH the first week which is now under control. I've been doing a lot of reading on here and learned quite a bit and ordered my taylor K2106, but I have a few questions that I am either not sure or perhaps just need a bit of clarification. I don't have specific #'s to provide at the moment, but every time i've had it tested it's always been in the proper ranges. I tend to have to add a few scoops of baking soda every week to get the TA and PH back up as they are always slowly trending down. I tried to raise my TA up a bit more to see if it would help stabilize, we'll see if it helps, but not to worried about that. #'s are usually around the following: TA around 50 PH usually low to mid 7's Calcium around 200 Borates between 50 and 60 Add Enzymes (Spa Perfect) every 5 days or so if we use it daily. 1. The product line were using is Mursatt https://www.mursatt.com/spawatercare, based on the products our dealer provided us, I believe we are essentially using the 3 step Bromine, but without an initial Sodium Bromide reserve, but instead slowly building it up using the floater with Bromine tablets. Our oxidizer is Brome+ which I believe is Dichlor and we use that after every soak. Initially I found that my bromine reading were always 0 except for when testing shortly after adding Dichlor. Now I always have a reading between 2-5ppm when I test it the next day before we use it. Just curious if that's because I wasn't adding enough or because I did not have a reserve of Sodium Bromide and was running a chlorine spa? Mursatt does offer pure Sodium Bromide, so in a month from now when I refill I will buy some and establish a reserve right away. 2. Shocking, I am bit confused on this subject, most people do a weekly shock on top of oxidizing after every use. I asked our dealer and they said that we don't need to do any "shocking" and I've also read on a few threads that it might not be necessary. I guess I am not sure how to determine if its necessary if that we oxidize after every use which is almost daily. I always have a reading on the test strips the next day before use and that we run a floater with bromine tablets and our Tub has a ozonator which runs 19 hours a day. I did do a "shock" once after 2 weeks to see if it would help with the foaming that we've been experiencing. However when doing that using Dichlor, I found that we had to wait a few days to get the bromine back down to acceptable levels. I tried off gassing and running the jets a few times and that worked to help get the bromine levels down. 3. Filter cleaning, Dealer says I should rinse it weekly, but only need to use filter cleaner when I change the water, that seems to go against what I read in the manual and read online, curious what most people do. Today when I went to rinse out the filter, I noticed that the water in the filter housing was pretty dirty and scummy. Not sure if I should be doing anything about that a side from rinsing the filter more often, the water in the tub has always been nice and clean\clear. I am going to try and remember to rinse it out more often. 4. Foaming, I think that one is probably due to our suits which we now don't wash and if we do I make sure to run an extra rinse cycle. However I think its probably mainly due to my daughters hair, she has super thick long hair and we use a lot of shampoo and conditioner to help untangle. She did use the tub a few times when we got it and her hair was always in the water. Now I make sure to get my wife to attach them in a bun or something now so they don't get wet. Only thing I've found to help with the foam so far is manually scooping it out. I am looking forward to re-filling the tub in a month or so and see if I can get it under control. Adding more enzymes or doing the "shock" with Dichlor didn't help. 5. CYA, I read a massive thread on CYA and Dichlor, however if I understand correctly, this does not apply in a bromine spa correct? Having a high CYA will not affect the Dichlor's ability to activate the Bromide reserve? I think that's all for now, any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Yves
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