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  1. When I took out the original board I inspected it pretty thoroughly with a magnifier. I did not find any components damaged.
  2. BTW the SNB error was not due to sensor A or B. It was a board issue.
  3. Ordered and installed new board (Balboa 53834-04 = $340) and its all working again. Make sure you configure the wires for 120 or 240 components when installing. I'm pretty sure an electrical surge or brown out toasted it. I also changed the heating element while I was there.
  4. That was my thought so I tried... Switching the hi/lo temp sensors Unplugging them completely These both resulted in the same Snb error.
  5. It looks like the replacement trail look like this: 54301-04 (original) 54302-04 (discontinued) 53834-04 (current replacement option)
  6. Balboa 54301-04 460 240v Stopped working a few days ago. Only error I can get is "snb". Things I have checked. No blockage and filter has been removed. Hi/Lo sensor unplugged and rebooted to check if it was problem. Checked all connections are secure. No water damage. Checked heater resistance and falls within range. Unplugged pumps and reset to check if they were a problem. Checked fuses. Food for thought. This happened when the hurricane remnants came through mid-north-carolina last week (10/29). I wonder if the board go
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