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  1. Yes we did stitch it but not with fishing line. Thanks
  2. Hi Donald that's brilliant news. I am still on the patch and glue stage. Which particular ever fix did you use, as there is quite a few ? Cheers martin 👍
  3. Yes where I cut the liner. I am now trying inflatable canoe patches ?
  4. Hi Donald if you blow up the hottub without the water you can hear which corner it is coming from. I have had two corners leak. But I still can't seal the hottub to keep the pressure in ? Good luck
  5. Hi Dutch before you make a split in the side of your hottub, I am still having trouble making the hottub get to full pressure. So hopefully you can repair it successfully?
  6. Hi Dutch yes I have fixed it. I found one of the connecting pipes had split. The only way is to find which corner has failed ? That's the hard part. I then replaced the pipe with a hose pipe the same size. See photo's
  7. Thanks for your reply. Please let me know how you get on.
  8. Hi Bruce no I didn't. I managed to drain out all of the water and pump it back up again, but it went down. I took all the hydro jets out and noticed some of the o-rings have split. That was my next job to replace them. That's where I left it for the winter ?
  9. Hi Dan thanks for your reply. I have just drained the hot tub down and the inner liner was full of water ? The only way I could drain the water out was through the air inlet valve. This makes me think there is a leak on the internal hydro system ?
  10. hi all, has anyone had this problem ? When I take out the jet nozzle air is leaking out of the hole at the bottom. This is causing the liner to deflate. Even when the jet nozzle is in place, bubbles of air are still leaking out ?
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