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  1. I got a used dynasty with gecko IN.XE-5-11-H4.0 control, the control died so pump 2 did not work so they cut the plug off the cable that plugs into the controller and hard wired the pump with a switch, I have a new IN.XE-5-11-H4.0 spa pack but pump 2 now has no plug to plug into the control My question is can I buy a cable that I can wire to the pump and if so what's it called? Or does anyone have an old pump that could cut it off and sell it to me? Thanks Jon
  2. That's great! Thank you very much for taking the time to respond Jon
  3. Same model number but the the one I bought has different options 1-2-b-o-d-32k-dy1.new one is 1-2-k-k-d-60k-v2-dy1
  4. I purchased a new gecko spa control In.xe-5-11-h4.0 but now noticed options are different, will it work? Can it be reprogramed? Any help appreciated Thanks Jon
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