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  1. It does, yes. Thank you, I appreciate your help!! Hats off to you sir
  2. Ah, okay. Why aren't you a fan of N2? Is there a negative to using it? (Aside from the cost of the silver cartridges and the associated MPS.) And yes, my mistake - I'm using Replenish, not Renew. We got started on Replenish when we first got the tub, and our local pool store told us "use the silver cartridge and then put this stuff in at the end of every soak, and you'll be fine." So I get the sense the store was just trying to simplify water maintenance for the newbies, by giving us fewer things to add. Now that I've switched to dichlor-then-bleach I'll be buying straight dichlo
  3. Awesome, thank you for the detailed reply Waterbear. Since I made this post it seems like every time I test the pH with the Taylor kit I'm getting a value of 7.7ish, which is freaking me out 'cause a) the test strips' readings are moving over that same span and b) I'm used to my tub's pH needing adjustment regularly. But it sounds like I need to take a deep breath, trust the Taylor, and remember this is my first refill a) with the Dichlor-then-bleach method, b) with borates in the water, and c) without chasing the 120+ TA that was recommended by the tub's user manual. Yes, I let the s
  4. Greetings all! I've had my first hot tub for about ten months now, and for this most recent re-fill I'm trying out the Dichlor-then-bleach method. (My last batch of water I only used Dichlor and started having water-cloudiness issues, which I'm attributing either to the way-too-high CYA level or to excessive TA, which I struggled to keep up in the tub manual's suggested 125-150 zone, as well as what became very, very high TDS levels.) So, for this most recent refill I've added Borates (should be right around 50ppm now) and used Dichlor for the first week or so. My test strips are...inconc
  5. Greetings everyone! I have a 2007 Hot Spot Mallorca (bought it used, obvi) and generally it works well. Everything pumps strong and save for just a little bit of air leakage in one of the jets, it seems to function as it should. Except, every few days I come out to it and find the Entire Spa Inoperative error (four dashes) on the display. I can't pinpoint what triggers this, as it seems to happen somewhat regularly and doesn't seem to correlate with new or old water, fresh or not-so-fresh filters, etc. The strange thing is, I can always, always resolve it with two power cycles. The
  6. Great, thank you! I appreciate your help. Any tips for cutting that orange tube? It feels like pretty heavy-duty stuff. I'd love to make sure I cut it nice and straight so it sits all nice-like on both ends of the injector...
  7. Ah, yes, I suppose pictures would help huh. Should have thought of that initially... 😕 Here's my spa's equipment area: And some close-ups of what I believe / assume to be the key components when it comes to the ozonator: So, that white plug that's not currently in use must be for the ozonator. Correct? My bigger question is related to where do I splice in the ozonator's injector. I'm assuming it's that orange-ish tube I'm holding in my hand in the pic above. Is that correct? I can't find any other tubing that would seem to fit the bill. Everyt
  8. Greetings! I've got a 2007 Hot Spot Mallorca spa that I'm about to add an ozonator to. The spa describes itself as "ozonator-ready" but its instruction manual says nothing about how to install one. The Freshwater III I've found comes with all its original parts, but I can't be sure about its installation instructions. Something tells me I might be on my own for this one. Has anyone installed one of these units? Maybe even in the same/similar model/year spa? Got any help/advice you can offer before I embark on this project?
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