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  1. Try this, I made it smaller SpaJets.1.mov
  2. The pump is 2HP, we have 6 jets in the spa. It worked fine last season. Due to finances we opened the pool ourselves this year, it's a learning process. Adjusting the jets seems to have little or no effect on air or water. Here's a video of the spa with blower on, way too much air. We installed the jets and I'm pretty sure there's only one way for them to go in. I can deal with the excessive air, what I'm trying to prevent is losing pool water when the blower is off and spa is on. thanks for your help! SpaJets.MOV
  3. Turns out 1 of the valves was in the winter position. Now I have a new problem. When the spa is on without the blower going I get a constant leak just below where the blower attaches to the PVC. We did install a new check valve and had to secure it with a pin through a hole that we drilled, otherwise the fan would blow itself off of the PVC. Did we create this problem by drilling the hole? IMG_8029.MOV
  4. Thanks so much, I'll look for another valve. We opened the pool ourselves for the first time and may have missed that. The water is coming out of the jets clear.
  5. This is the only Spa valve, right now it is in the pool position. Water runs through the spa and overflows into a small waterfall and into the pool. When the spa is turned on the waterfall stops and water is circulated into the spa only. Hope this makes sense. So should there be water in the vertical PVC that the blower is attached to?
  6. In the 3rd picture, the black circular unit atop of the PVC. Water is leaking where the blower attaches to the PVC, see the arrow
  7. The Spa blower turns on, but is spewing water where it meets the vertical PVC, and I'm not getting air through the spa jets. When I pull the black head unit off the PVC it's filled with water...I do know that the screw is missing right where they join, I took it out to take a look. Just wondering if the PVC should have water in it? Just realized that the valves are in the pool filtering position. Thanks in advance
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