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  1. Make sure filter is clean. They can be put through dish washer or washed out under hot water. Check the grey caps on the inlet and outlet as these can start to block up. When mine was new I used to have to odd E1. I cleaned the filter and while the filter was off I would put the hose on the inlet where the filter goes and give it a few squirts. Once filter was back on it was fine. Good luck 🙏
  2. https://mspaservice.co.uk/m-spa-filter-pump-lite.html The price has gone up to £49.99 i would recommend doing the pump first. Easy to change. Even though mine was filtering it obviously wasn’t working correctly.
  3. Fixed Sorry for the late post on this issue. After cleaning every component and replacing heater unit I stripped and cleaned the pump even though I believed it to be working okay. Still same error so I purchased a new pump for around £40 and once fitted, all working okay. hope this helps anyone else with same problem. I now have a spare heater unit for sale if anyone is in need? Thanks again for anyone who tried to help. Much appreciated.
  4. I purchased a new heater unit believing it to be a faulty pressure switch which comes as part of the heater but alas it’s still the same. Although a.have a spare heater unit now lol. Will take pump apart as suggested as the pump can be the only thing that is faulting now. Will update in a couple of days. Thank you everyone that’s posted 🙏
  5. Hi all, first post We purchased an Mspa lite approx 2 years ago and used it with no problems the first year. It was stored last year and is now back out but it’s not working correctly. When switched on the pump and heater run for approx 30 mins then I get an E1 error. New filter, same fault. Stripped unit down and cleaned all parts with white vinegar due to scale build up on parts, tested but same fault. Stripped unit again and bypassed suspected faulty pressure switch, runs for 30 mins then stops but without an E1 error (Probably due to pressure switch bypass) and with lights still on as if working. Pump silent and temp not going up. Once switched off and left a while it runs okay again, tried running pump only and seems to run okay for a couple of hours that I tested it for. Any help would be truly appreciated
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