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  1. Update: I wired up a pigtail again and ran the circ pump all day. The hot tub is now up to temp. So the problem is the circuit board is not telling the circ pump to run. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I have a used tiger river Bengal hot tub with a IQ2020 controller. Has worked great until a couple weeks ago. No changes were made between working and not. Water temperature will not get more than 80-85F. I'm in Michigan so it's cold out. No flashing lights. Ready light not on. LIM ok light is on. Heater on light is off. I am getting 240v at the heater terminals. Circulation pump is not running. I get 0v at the terminals for the pump. Made a pig tail and plugged the pump into 120v direct and the pump runs fine. At a loss here. Is it the main circuit board?
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