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  1. That is a great idea... how do I know precisely how much CYA is in any measure of dichlor? I am looking at Hot Tub Serum... just about to read your blog on it The reason I am using 2.2% bleach instead of 5%, which is normally easy to get here in the UK, is because of the horders and also many retailers of are closed right now. I am sure they will open up once the lock down is lifted so I'll then switch to using 5%. Thanks for your help with this
  2. Thanks so much for your help and also for your background... it is always interesting to see where people are coming from so that we can put your comments and offers for help in context. I will look into borates. It does mention borates in my spa's start up instructions but it says it is optional so I haven't looked into it properly yet... perhaps now is a good time for me to do just that Yes, I used the spa for about a week using dichlor to make sure there was some CYA in the mix before switching to liquid chlorine. Using the bisulphate is lowing the TA slightly each time as y
  3. Thanks for that explanation... so, just to be clear then, it is normal then to need to add pH reducer (sodium bisulphate) to keep the pH down and within range when using liquid chlorine?
  4. Thanks... I used dichlor for nearly a week so there should be enough CYA. It does seem to push up the pH much more than dichlor. I am now having to add the occasional scoop of pH down to keep it within range. Is this normal when using bleach?
  5. I have recently switched from using dichlor in my tub to bleach. I have tried to get some 5% bleach here in the UK but because of the lock down it isn't widely available. However, I can get some 2.2% bleach. It is thin bleach with no other additives (no perfume, no sufactants). Apart from having to add just over twice the amount to get the same FC level is there any other reasons why I shouldn't use this 2.2% thin bleach?
  6. I got one of these recently and wanted to share my experiences and also see if there are others out there using one. We have had our spa now for about 7 months (Hotspring Limelight Flair). I have a home automation system (part self-built) and a solar PV generation system. We also have time-of-use electricity tariff which changes our electricity tariff every 30 mins depending on demand (Octopus Agile). When we first got the spa we started out following the dealer's recommended instructions using dip sticks in the normal way to test FC, TA pH etc but with my interest in automation I so
  7. I am still having some doubts as to whether the salt system is working so I decided to drain down and start over with fresh water and give it another go. My water was 6 months old and so I thought it could be CYA lock and as I have only been using dichlor for sanitisation and shocking it could have a lot of CYA. The CYA on the test strips is useless as there is so little difference in colour between the different levels. This is the first refill since new and my first observation after draining, cleaning and refilling was how clean the new water looks and feels. Perhaps it was just old wa
  8. I got my first hot tub 4 weeks ago. It is a Hotspring Flair with the Freshwater Salt system. It was set up by my local Hotspring supplier and they gave me a rather quick intro to water management before they left and with that, and with reading loads on the internet (including here!) I thought I had a handle on it. But I do have a few questions which I am hoping you might be able to help with... The Freshwater Salt system is struggling to keep up with my use. It seems that no matter what setting I use (even boost) there is no chlorine at all shown on the strip in the morning. I then dose
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