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  1. Hello another newbie asking the same questions...but everyone’s water is different so need help First we have well water Ph was 9.0 upon filling, have a digital reading so can know exact #’s. Alkalinity all I can say is high, never seen it get below 240 at this point. I do not have the Taylor kit right now, but will soon. Water is extremely soft almost 0, it is a 12. So here are my steps, followed instructions for calcium hardness noticed my ph also went down to 8.1, so I stopped adding calcium hardness for the reason being I knew I had to also get TA down, plus it appears the water hardness is at a good level apx. 200. Started Ph down slowly and 5 hrs and 24oz later ph was down to 7.2. TA was still not within levels, which is probably where my mistake is, however, started the sanitizing process with Nature2 mineral stick and bromine. I know many people say you can not use both because the nature2 mineral stick does not work with bromine, however, I contacted the company directly and they read from their information that they have it does. Do not know why they do not put this information in their manual that we all get, but the tech read it to me before giving me the answer. Next day had a nice 3ppm residual Ph went up to 8.3; left it alone, just because I had already added so much ph down to the tub. The next day Ph 8.6 added 4oz dropped it to 7.2, decided to leave it alone, even though alkalinity is high. Now at 8.5 again, still leaving it alone because we will not be using this evening and thought maybe it would be good to just let the water rest. So, is there ever a point where adding so much ph down is not safe? I think that is my biggest concern. Also, aeration will always be an issue for many reasons, for one it is what it is and you will always have jets going, and we have a 24 hr circ pump, which means always aerating. Also, my water looks pristine, very clear and keeping a residual right now. We also, add MPS after every use and my tub is a 450 gallon tub. okay so I have found my well report. My total alkalinity is 620ppm, most being sodium bicarbonate at 560, so there you have it and why I am having to add so much ph down. I figure I am only halfway there, and I found out sodium bisulfate is safe and to not be concerned about using so much. They even suggested starting out a lot higher dosages next fill up since now I know the apx. Alkalinity at start up to help the process move along faster. I figure it will take close to 5 cups of ph down at start up each time, however, I of course will not add that much, but I may start off at 1 cup at a time. Does anyone see any problems with doing that? I love this site, found my answer on this site. Looks like I would be okay at start up to add 1 cup of dry acid, however, it stated I should not add more than that at a time. And that 8oz = 100ppm. So, this helps me know how much more I still need to bring it down. Much more information then what I get from some in the industry who told me basically to add 4 cups at start up. So glad I did not do that.
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