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  1. I tried the Sovereign saterday with my familly ... it was a very exiting experience ! I thing this spa is what we need. The price for the spa, the cover with lift, the freshwater water treatment, transport cost 19.000€ included taxes. In this context, I think 7000€ for a used one of 7 years old is a correct price ... isn't it ? Unfortunatly, It doesn't inclued the freshwater ...
  2. I thought the price would be higher for this spa. To compare, I am offered the new Dimension1 Aurora spa for 14.500€ here. These two are not comparable ? Anyway, I'm going to try the Sovereign this Saturday at a retailer and I'll come back here to tell you how much we sell it in Europe. Another question: if I buy the used Sovereign spa, I won't be able to start using it at home for another year because I'm building the terrace to accommodate it. What would you advise to keep the used spa in good condition until next year?
  3. Thank you for your answer, Castletonia. Could you tell me what's the net price in US for a new one and what could be a reasonable price for a 7 year old Sovereign ?
  4. Hi everyone, I have the possibility to buy a used Hotspring Highlife Sovereign spa of 2012´ (7 years old). Is this choice to be recommended (at 7000€) or is it better to put the price difference and buy a new one? My attention is mainly focused on: - water quality and maintenance required by the spa (are the new models easier to maintain?) - reliability (what is the life expectancy of this equipment?) Thank you for your answers, Alesissss
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