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  1. After one season, six months, of use as I was putting it away for the winter I noticed that the two washers, one on the water inlet tube and the other on the water outlet, had almost totally disintegrated. I called Bestway as it was still under warranty and they Fedexed me the whole unit containing the washer. I went all over Windsor but could not find any supplier with matching washers: this is probably because the product is made in Europe! At Home Depot I bought a set of gaskets and cut my own washers with curved nail clippers and this has worked really well, with no deterioration of my gaskets/washers after three months use.
  2. After a season and a half, nine months total use, my spa pump started leaking and I was losing over an inch a day in the water level in the spa. Many people have reported leaks from the non-return valve in the air pump system but when I removed the bottom of the pump there was no obvious location for the leak. I did remove the air pump and both non-return valves were in great shape, probably because I almost never use bubbles. I then noticed, and it was hard to see as they were facing the side of the pump, three corroded screws/bolts, out of six screws, on one side of a small rectangular piece connected to the water inlet tube. To get out this part, you’ll have to loosen the hose clamp and then pull out the water inlet tube and then remove the two retaining screws. Five of the six screws/bolts came out relatively easily but the sixth was so corroded we had to grab the nut and bolt with two vice grips and then shear the bolt . This revealed the source of my leak: they put in a very cheap, thin O ring. I went to a pool and spa store with a large collection of O rings but nothing matched: not surprising, as the Saluspa is made in Europe. I used marine caulk over and under and around the old rain and then rebolted the pieces together and reassembled everything (one screw was very hard to insert but I scotch taped it to my screwdriver and then was able to thread it into position), and waited a couple of days to use it again. I am happy to report it’s been a week now and there is no leak. I’m sure others will run into this problem .
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