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  1. Hi I have a Vita Spa Mystique Tub and the cover is so big that my wife cannot lift it. I am looking for a recommendation for a fully automatic cover lifter that will lift, fold and tuck the lid behind the spa with the touch of a button. Like a convertibles soft top. any ideas or recommendations? we both love the tub but cannot get into it because of the weight of the lid. I live in Canada on the west coast thus the huge cover. I have put a link to the spa below and attached the picture of my spa. https://www.customspasdirect.com/vita-spas-main/vita-spas-700-series/vita-spas-mystique/ The cover is a 3 panel cover Width 90 in X length: 115 in X Thickness 4 in Panels are 4 ft - 4 ft - 16 inches I have looked and seen cheesy ones only. I want something that you press a button and it lifts and folds it out of the way and press it again and it unfolds it back on the top of the spa. no muss no fuss.... Any direction would be welcome....