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  1. Turns out I'm allergic to some aspect of my new cedar tub. Since it will take several months, possibly over a year to see an immunologist and determine the exact allergen, (statistically most likely to be bromine from what I have found online) we are changing from bromine to chlorine, (knowing it could eat away at the wood. If it's the correct allergen, can get a liner at that point). What I would like to know is if anyone has any educated suggestions on the best way to extract any bromine that has leached into the wood. As of now, I have drained the tub, spent at least an hour spraying the walls and floor with a hose, and refilled. We will leave it to sit for a few days with no chemicals, though the ionizer is turned on. Then I will do that same again, at least once, maybe more. For some background, while experimenting earlier to try to figure out the source of the allergy, we did empty, refill and use the next day with no chemicals once heated to see if I would react to that and I did. (I get full body rash. No one else who has used the tub has ever gotten a rash other other adverse reaction). Could be an allergy to cedar though, or something else, who knows, but gotta try something cause that thing is awesome!
  2. I have exactly the same problem, can't find any answers on the internet. I really hope someone can help. 🙁
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