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  1. We are in the midst of researching hot tubs. We found a 'scratch & dent' 6 person tub at a Royal Spa that fits us well but is $9,950. We both really liked that the sales person was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and not salesy. And they are only half hour from our house in case we need to have service. However, we then discovered Bullfrog. After sitting in the A7 (not a wet test, at that time) my husband felt that it was the most comfortable (he's 6'2") and there was plenty leg room, which is a struggle with most tubs for him. We don't really need one that large so I called the closest place to us (that's an hour and fifteen minutes from our house) and that is having a sale & got quoted on an A6 at $8,500. For the $1000 price savings I would DEFINITELY prefer the Bullfrog. HOWEVER, two things I wanted to ask. I noticed that the Bullfrog only offers a 1yr warranty on its ozonator and the replacement cost is around $600!!! Yikes. Does anyone know WHY these things go out so frequently? Also, I read that some think you don't need it if you don't mind using more chemicals. How much should I expect to be spending on chemicals IF the ozonator is actually working vs is not working? Secondly, am I getting in bed with the wrong dealer here by choosing someone who is 1hr 15min from my house? The dealer said they WILL service the tub but they also want to charge me $250 for delivery since it's so far. Hm. Gives me a bit of a pause. Would really love to know your thoughts & opinions! If the quality & reliability of the tub is truly amazing then maybe the distance of the dealer for servicing is not a big deal and I should just take that risk to have a Cadillac of the industry? In my research, it seem that they are the only manufacturer who includes labor as part of the warranty coverage so that gives me a little bit more comfort. However, I have not inquired yet whether they would charge me for labor like they are for delivery...I'm planning to do that when I go in person to do a wet test in a couple days. So, PLEASE share your thoughts on & experiences with Bullfrog Spas. MUCH THANKS!!!
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