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  1. HI so I hope someone here can help us !!! We are new to this whole Hot Tub! First time we are owing one and we are still trying to learn how to use it properly! First few times it worked perfect! Then we heated it up and it didn't heat up all the way and the buttons on the control panel won't work for some reason! The hot tub still filters. Just if you press the buttons on the control panel it does nothing ! We thought mabey we somehow looked it ? Our hot tub is a Dynasty Spa neptune series
  2. Hi I hope someone can help us!! This is the first hot tub we have had! And we are new to how to manage them! Somethings wrong with the hot tub and we can't figure out what....mabey someone can help us!! For some reason the control panel won't do anything! The hot tub filters and everything but if we push the buttons it doesn't do anything! The lights on the display are on but if you press any button nothing happens! We where already thinking mabey it's locked ? But it used to be fine, we heated it up and all of the sudden the buttons just dont work anymore.
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