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  1. I was looking for brand info, but thank you any way
  2. Has anyone heard of Natural Whirlpool Spas & Baths. I've got a spa that has model # NS5001 and its fiberglass
  3. Yes I've looked for my model # spa but not having any luck but anyway it's a NaturaL whirlpool, spas & baths #NS-5001 it's made of fiberglass and it's dimensions are 84"x84"x35" it seats 4 and a place to lay down it only has 9 jets & a bunch of holes throughout the bottom for bubbles. It has 2 knobs that control the bubbles. It also has a skimmer and a Hayward filter. Now I have all the components to re-build the tub or at least I think I do. I have a Balboa Value M7 control box it has a 5.5kw 240v heater (15") (2"x2") (mill 7) Del Ozone E 03 Generator (120v/ 90ma/11w) Balboa mini valve panel. A 1h.p. Max Air Blower (open flow 105 cfm) (sealed pressure 65" h20) I have a Century LASAR 2 speed motor (1081/1563 pump duty) (4.5 - 5 h.p. .50 SPL) (230 V) single phase (RPM 3450/1725) (Amps. 12.0/3.5) What I want to do is re-plumb the tub and and more jets so if anyone had a diagram of how to do this or suggest how I do this I would appreciate it. Here are some pics of the tub
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