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  1. Firstly, Thank you to this forum for helping me diagnose some of the problems in the hot tub that came with our recent house purchase. I was able to find the 3 parts I needed to replaced cracked fittings, etc. and get our hot tub up and running! Next issue! So we have a 2008 (pretty sure, at work...can't verify via Serial) Hot Springs Limelight Flair hot tub. The audio system we have is an Aquatic AV AQ-DM-2BX (http://pdf.nauticexpo.com/pdf/aquatic-av/aq-dm-2bx/29159-60043.html) that accepts the old-school style 30-pin iPod style connectors. So in the process of getting it (the hot tub up and running) I tried using the audio system but it doesn't work. It powers on fine, iPod connects, but no sound. I take that front panel off and see there's a wiring harness connected, but there's the red/white RCA cables that are not hooked up to anything. I'm ASSUMING this is my problem, but I have no clue where these should be connected. I can't find any sort of wiring diagram online to show me. is this something that might be located inside the IQ panel? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks again for all of your help!
  2. Hello everyone! We bought a house this past August that came with a Hot Springs Limelight Flair model hot tub. We were sold the house with the impression the hot tub worked, but never got around to setting it up until about 3 weeks ago. After filling it up, cleaning the jets, refilling etc. we got a good 2 days out of it until we noticed the water level dropping more that we figured it should. Long story short, I take the front panels off and see there's a leak coming out of the pump on the right side. I fiddle with the area and the whole section snapped off. After frantically displacing all the water (being completely unprepared at that moment for a gushing leak) I come to find that it's just a small $3.00 part that's broken a Barb Fitting for the pump. The piece cracked in half with the threaded part still being inside the pump, and the hex bolt/barb fitting part being inside the tube still. This is the part So now, I have the part coming in the mail this weekend, and all broken pieces removed from the hot tub (had to heat gun the tubing to get the barb out)...is there anything I need to do other than insert the pieces into said locations? There was teflon tape on the threads that go into the pump, does that NEED to be there? There was a sticky residue on the barbs when I pulled it out of the tubing...was that something? Do I / should I use some sort of lubricant when I re-heat the tubing to insert the barb? Thank you for any help you can provide!
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