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  1. Firstly, Thank you to this forum for helping me diagnose some of the problems in the hot tub that came with our recent house purchase. I was able to find the 3 parts I needed to replaced cracked fittings, etc. and get our hot tub up and running! Next issue! So we have a 2008 (pretty sure, at work...can't verify via Serial) Hot Springs Limelight Flair hot tub. The audio system we have is an Aquatic AV AQ-DM-2BX (http://pdf.nauticexpo.com/pdf/aquatic-av/aq-dm-2bx/29159-60043.html) that accepts the old-school style 30-pin iPod style connectors. So in the process of getting it (the
  2. Hello everyone! We bought a house this past August that came with a Hot Springs Limelight Flair model hot tub. We were sold the house with the impression the hot tub worked, but never got around to setting it up until about 3 weeks ago. After filling it up, cleaning the jets, refilling etc. we got a good 2 days out of it until we noticed the water level dropping more that we figured it should. Long story short, I take the front panels off and see there's a leak coming out of the pump on the right side. I fiddle with the area and the whole section snapped off. After frantically displacing
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