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    Tiger River-cuts out

    Thanks, again. It is really awful nice of you to take the time to consider my questions and problem I'm having, and I greatly appreciate your generosity and expertise: The original board lasted me 24 years!!...but the relays on the board, which occasionally burned out, had been replaced by me numerous times after 1] years of heavy use 2]in Florida humidity 3]outside in a hot tub, when the original relay's manufacturer stated that they were not rated for 'outdoor use'. (!!) The board had so many oxidized solder points that when I cleaned the spa in Sept and turned it back on after a couple weeks in October and the only sign that it even had power was a single buzzing relay---I decided it was time to find a whole new board. My best info right now is 1---a bad board 2---possible heating coil ground fault 3--any other suggestion you have. THANKS AGAIN!
  2. Jephy

    Tiger River-cuts out

    Thanks for your help. The term "spaside" is not used in my tub's service manual published by Watkins for the Manora---the term is "controller board" on which the thermostat is mounted is used to ID that part. The board was purchased from a Watkins dealer. Now, the MAIN board has been discontinued and Watkins does not support the original part or a substitute. I found a Watkins dealer selling 'the last one' as a prior used board which arrived absolutely looking like new, and works as new except for the 30 second cutoff as described.
  3. Tiger River Spa by Hot Springs (serial M-130143). SO, I've had this maintenance-heavy spa a while--and after changing out the relays a couple times over the years, and finding a new main board that was still available for this old spa I decided to change it out. I replaced the top controller board as well. Now the spa comes on when plugged in and immediately the GFCI shuts it down, but only when the main pump or thermostat is turned up. Disconnecting the heater and main pump alleviates the shut down (so I guess I'll be looking for moisture and ground faults in my heater and pump)---but Also, the circ pump shuts off after running for 30 seconds--even when I jump the flow switch on the main board! Now what?? It's a brand new board?!?!? Why might this 30 second shutdown be happening?