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  1. Circulation pump running per normal timing in and out. No flow error codes. Spa is maintaining temperature and I can feel the bubbling outlet delivering warmth. Low and high jets function as selected.
  2. No relay clicking sounds heard - Sorry not to mention before. Fuses test ok. New crimp terminals fitted to heat affected wiring at relays. No other heat affected circuit board parts observed. What is the likely hood of no other parts on the circuit board being affected if the relays are the fault and are replaced?
  3. Thanks Dave for your help. - No luck so far. It's been near 2 weeks since looking at it and now the temperature read out is displaying 32 deg C (not the 18 deg C anymore) , the hot button is still not working, and the cold button has also stopped functioning ( which could be a correction of its previous out of character way) . I think the next step could be an expensive trial and error part replacement process. - Any other suggestions? Cheers Dazz
  4. Any suggestions how to resolve a non responding temperature heat button on a Sundance Caprio? - I found the spa set at 40 deg C (104 F). I turned it down to 34 deg C (93 F) as it was not being used. Some days later when we sought to turn it up to 37 deg and the heat button did not respond in any way. The cool button responds and I was able to reduce the display temperature to 18 deg C (64 F) which was strange as it always stopped at a minimum of some 33 deg C. I cannot raise the temperature display from 18 which it reads when the cool button is pressed only. The little red light is inactive at all times. Both the actual water temperature and display still read at 34.4 deg which is now some 2 weeks after the issue was found.. We have tried switching the spa off to "reset" but no change. Is it possible that because it was left for some time at 40 deg C during a period of hot weather days that it has "triggered" a thermal cut out or some other isolating feature? or has a sensor been affected? All other functions seem to be operating normally.
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