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  1. Poolcovers

    Repair or replace?

    The repair cost would come around 1000 $ to 1500 $. But if you replace the hot tub it can cost you more. If you want more features and can spend more money then you can buy new hot tub otherwise you can repair and use.
  2. Poolcovers

    Pools And Children - Safety Fence Questions

    You can use wood fence. It is strong, versatile and can be designed however you want. One of the main benefits of wood fencing that it is cheaper.
  3. You can add salt water system to convert chlorine pool to salt water pool. It will produce chlorine naturally from the salt that is in the water by breaking down the salt molecules.
  4. Poolcovers

    When is it time to re-plaster?

    Pools should be re-plastered after every 10 years or when needed. This ensures that basin is smooth so that person who swims isn't injured by rough surfaces. Other than this there are other two signs that you can look for if your pool is in need of new plaster. Over time the plaster will wear away, leaving the concrete below exposed to water and chlorine. Minerals like iron and copper, which can be found in your pool water, will often leave unsightly stains inside your pool over time. Unfortunately, these stains are often permanent and will require a new coat of plaster to cover up completely.
  5. Poolcovers

    Endless pool Insulation

    I would suggest you to use BiFold Rigid cover to secure against heat loss.
  6. Poolcovers

    Keeping Pool Water Cooler

    A partial drain and refill of your pool water is a good option to cool you pool. One factor to consider before implementing this strategy is that you will have to rebalance your water chemistry, and also the fact that it is wasteful.
  7. salt water pool maintenance can cost a lot less than caring for a chlorine pool, which can be one of the most important deciding factors in making the switch. Chlorinated pool water can be hard on you because of chemicals called chloramines. All you will need is to add is a salt water chlorine generator and some salt and let the magic begin! but before applying this method, make sure the pool water gets filtered nicely . The salt water system is installed at the end of your plumbing system before the return. This ensures that the pool water is filtered before passing through the chlorine generator.
  8. A swimming pool fence does not have a roof. Therefore, you’re exposed to the external environment. your pool is exposed to storm, snow and ultraviolet radiations. In case these finds you in the pool, then you’re likely to get injured.In short, if you want to secure the pool 100%, then a poly-carbonate swimming pool enclosure is the only option.
  9. Poolcovers

    Pool Covers

    swimming pool enclosures are the most prominent aspect of covering the pool from the entire areas. installation enclosures and other pool prevention tools can help you maintain a secured surrounding nearby. If you are looking forward to getting the pool enclosure installed on your swimming pool, you have a variety of choices available in the market. From retractable to non-retractable enclosures, privacy is the priority and keeping your loved ones safe is rather important.
  10. Poolcovers

    Pool Covers

    A good hook-n-lock pool covers has any size, any style and safety covers which provides ultimate protection for your lifestyle. Pros: Covers reduce the amount of UV hitting the water meaning you don’t consume as much. If you have a salt water pool this means your chlorinator uses less energy. Cons: Many people don’t like the look of pool covers. Covers can be difficult and impractical to use on irregular shaped pools.