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  1. My wife and I are looking to purchase our 1st hot tub. I had hip surgery 5 years ago and find that whenever I use a hot tub elsewhere that my hip feels a lot better. As I cycle and ski quite a bit and find that I have to do a ridiculous amount of stretching afterwards, I'm hoping a hot tub will help my hip feel a lot less stiff. As I've started to search locally (Providence, RI area) and would like to do business with a local, small business - I've come across 2 different hot tubs that I like: CalderaSpas (Geneva or Niagara) Hydropool Model 695 As you all already know, finding objective information about most hot tubs is very difficult. Therefore, I was hoping to get some objective feedback from anyone that is familiar with either of these brands. Even if your hot tub is a different model, your input would be appreciated. Both seem like great hot tubs and the models I'm comparing seem fairly comparable in the size / jet offerings. Although I haven't done a wet test yet on either, my initial pros / cons are: Hydropool: Pros: salt water system (so skin doesn't feel overly dry after using the hot tub); self cleaning system seems legit Cons: made in Canada. Therefore, will service parts be an issue. Of course the local dealer tells me there will be no issues, however, I've owned several big-ticket items made in Canada in the past and found it to be difficult to get service parts. CalderaSpas: Pros: there seems to be a lot more standard in the hot tub (i.e. lighting) that is an option in the Hydropool Cons: the water care system (FROG) seems like a mix of chlorine and bromine. The dealer claims the feel on the skin is very similar (although not exact) to that of a salt water system. Any feedback from the forum as to whether that's true? Are these legitimate concerns. Anything we're not thinking of? Both dealers I'm speaking with have been around for quite some time. Therefore, I feel comfortable from that standpoint. CalderaSpas seems to offer a good, better, best option (Vacanza, Paradise and Utopia). The Geneva and Niagara are in the Utopia series. Does anyone have any comments about the quality of the Paradise equivalent which would be the Makena? Hydropool seems to be offering a pretty nice discount for hot tubs purchased by the end of this month. Therefore, I'm trying to make a decision sooner rather than later. Any feedback or advice on any of this would be appreciated.
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