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  1. I have a pool light (no others) which will not turn on. The GFCI would trip immediately after I flip the switch on. My setup is this: I have a timer box with circuit breakers and one GFCI receptacle. The light and pool pump are not tied to the timer, only my chlorine generator is. The pump is not connected to the GFCI, only the light is. I turned off the circuit breaker that is dedicated to the light. I was going to plug a hair dryer into the circuit breaker and leave the light switch off to see if something other than the light would trip the GFCI. However, after turning the circuit breaker back on with the light switch off (several times), the GFCI acted like it had no power. The reset button would stay in and the test button would do nothing. I tried the hair dryer and it would not turn on. I measured the circuit breaker from the input to neutral and got 118 v when it was turned on. I cannot immediately measure at the GFCI due to its positioning. I will have to remove it. With this symptom, can the issue still be downstream of the GFCI or is it more likely that the GFCI is broken, especially since it initially would trip and the test button would work? Should I remove the load wires to test this?
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