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  1. Late last year we took delivery of an Artesian Kona Elite spa (2 5HP main pumps). The spa was wired to a 50A GFI breaker disconnect in accordance with the dealers' instructions. The disconnect was tied to a 60A breaker in the main panel. We immediately ran into problems with the spa sporadically tripping the breaker, Sometimes it was in the first 15 minute cycle, other times it would wait until the third 15 minute cycle. Ordinarily we would bathe for about 30 minutes and wouldn't have any trouble. On average it would trip every 3-4 weeks one way or the other. The technicians were out numerous times. Both main pumps were replaced. The heater was replaced. The circulation pump was replaced. The pack was programmed to not run the heater when Pump #2 was energized. None of these resolved the problem. Ultimately we replaced the 50A GFI with a 60A GFI breaker (tied to a 70A breaker in the main panel) a little over a month ago The higher amperage breaker was certainly helpful - and in hindsight probably should have been the FIRST corrective measure - but even with that change a few days ago the breaker tripped. That said, at the point when it tripped the spa had been running continuously for about an hour. The spa was unoccupied for the first 15 minute cycle, which we initiated with the cover open because the water was too hot (a filtration cycle issue, discussed separately). We were in the spa for most of 3 cycles, and the spa tripped as the pumps were being turned off before we exited. Given that information, I have a question about expectations. The engineer in me wants to think that the design of the system should allow the spa to operate continuously, as it might be were it in a commercial setting (e.g., hotel setting with frequent bathers). (1) Does anyone have any insight into what is reasonable to expect in terms of continuous operation with both pumps and the heater operating? (2) The same question, if the heater wasn't energized while the pumps were running? (3) Is a spa designed to only operate continuously for a certain period of time? Thank you!
  2. I own an Artesian Kona Elite hot tub. It has two 5HP pumps and the following filters: • Pleatco PAS50SV-F2M (large) • Artesian Spas 06-0052-12 (small) The situation I am contending with is balancing the filtration times, foaming and the water temperature. With long filtration cycle times I have no foam but the hot tub water becomes excessively hot (set at 104°F but 107°F actual temperature). With short filtration cycles I have steady temperatures...but the foam quickly returns. Example: Filtering essentially 24 hours/day results in no foam, but the water temperature stabilizes 3-4°F above the set point. Filtering 3 hours AM and 3 hours PM keeps the water temperature steady as set but...voila! Revenge of the Foam. I keep the water chemistry balanced, check and rinse the filters at least weekly, and occasionally use enzyme and Bright & Clear. Every 3-4 months I drain, clean and refill the hot tub with an inline filter to reduce minerals. When I change the water I swap filters with an identical set cleaned with Spa Depot Power Soak filter cleaner and thoroughly rinsed. We're experienced spa bathers, so hot tub-safe cleaners are used and suits are re-rinsed after washing. We live in central Oklahoma and the hot tub is outdoors. We live near a storm water mitigation reservoir which is typically dry and filled with tall grasses and vegetation. Knowing that dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants are literally everywhere, we keep the cover on and secured when the tub is not in use. Some questions I have been unable to get satisfactory answers for: (1) The tub has two different size filters. The guys that delivered the spa installed the large filter nearest the control panel and pack side of the hot tub. Since there have been numerous issues with the delivery and installation process (still being worked out 10 months later) I'm wondering whether these were installed in the correct position? Based on the absence of any guidance on the topic, I'm assuming the positions are interchangeable but I don't like to assume facts not in evidence. (2) Is it possible to use different filters to increase the efficiency of the filtration process? The local spa company says no, that the filter sizes are sacrosanct for the make and model of hot tub. (3) The local spa company advised to use anti-foam agent. When I argued that should not be necessary on a regular basis they did change their tune, but as yet haven't offered up any advise on mitigating the foam without turning the hot tub into a lobster pot. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you for any advice! Matt
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